Agents of Change

December 10, 2008
Predicting the Forecast / 2004

Predicting the Forecast / 2004

I’ve always been entrigued by concepts described by Malcolm Gladwell in his book The Tipping Point.  Starting this blog inspired me to re-think about his writings and its impact on how I view information sharing and networking.

Gladwell identifies three types of people that can have significant influence on the development and birth of ideas which then can foster unstoppable change and transformation:

  • Mavens are intense collectors of knowledge, attitudes, and perceptions, who then use this to better see or identify progressive ideas and opportunities long before others.  Mavens strengthen their  abilities through collaborating with connectors.
  • Connectors  have a large and diverse network of contacts who can introduce and spread the information a maven has gathered into many different types of groups, where it can grow in awareness and trigger widespread change and influence through achieving a critical mass  (i.e. tipping point).
  • Salespeople are key negotiators and have the ability to gently, but powerfully influence and change people’s perceptions and attitudes around ideas.

This unique concept of distributing and exchanging ideas among individuals, groups,  and the change it can have on a larger scale is just one amazing way I view creativity in motion in our daily lives and relationships we have with one another.  

In my own life, I know that collaborating with others pushes and empowers me to develop new ideas, further my work through learning new knowledge and skills, as well as take risks to do something I never I thought I could do.   As an individual who values the importance of these concepts, I wonder what kind of role and responsibility we might have as agents of change?  How can we best contribute, listen, and pay attention to the bigger scheme of things?

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