16 Habits of Highly Creative People

December 13, 2008

I saw this posting come through Creativity Champions, a group of creatives on LinkedIn that I belong to and wanted to share it:  Shalu Wasu’s, 16 Habits of Highly Creative People.  For me, habits 4, 5,  10, 11, and 16 are especially very true in my own life and work:

4. Creative people embrace challenges.

Creative people thrive on challenges. They have a gleam in their eyes as soon as they sniff one. Challenges bring the best out of them – reason enough to welcome them.


5. Creative people are full of enthusiasm.

Creative people are enthusiastic about their goals. This enthusiasm works as fuel for their journey, propelling them to their goals.


10. Creative people go for the big kill. Creative people realize that the first idea is just the starting point. It is in the process of fleshing it out that some magical cross-connections happen and the original ‘normal’ idea turns into a killer idea.


11. Creative people are prepared to stick it out. Creative people who actually see their ideas come to fruition have the ability to stick with their ideas and see them through – even when the going gets tough. This is what sets them apart from others. Stick-ability is the key.


16. Creative people are not afraid of failures.

Creative people realize that the energy that creates great ideas also creates errors. They know that failure is not really the opposite of success. In fact, both failure and success are on the same side of the spectrum because both are the result of an attempt made. Creative people look at failure as a stopover on way to success, just a step away from it.


When looking over the list, I was drawn to how I have used my creativity in times of challenge or unexpected change.  Along with my own art-making and creative process, I also think these habits and others contribute to my attitude, strong will, and passion to face the unknown or dream up new opportunities. I also recognized what habits on the list I need to work on: reframing, valuing my ideas more, and less inner critic judgment that sometimes threatens my ideas from perhaps reaching their full potential. What habits do you have on the list or would like to cultivate more in yourself?



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