Flickr: Making Photos Social

January 30, 2009

When I first discovered Flickr, I was just looking for a site where I could upload batches of my photos and be able to easily share them with friends, family, and colleagues. Flickr served this objective quite well for me and I was very pleased.  Flickr claims to be “the best on-line photo management system and and sharing application in the world”, with two objectives: helping people share their photos, videos, and pictures with those who are important in their lives, and providing new ways for users to do and manage this.

I have started to learn that Flickr is much more than just these two purposes and a site on-line where I can upload and share lots of photos.  It’s also a collabortive community where images bring people together. People with similiar interests are able to connect through photo sharing, discussion, leaving comments, and much more.  To learn more about Flickr, watch this short tutorial about on-line photo sharing:

I am still slowly discovering everything Flickr has to offer, building my photo sets, and checking out all the amazing images and photographs posted from other users, as well as the thousands of Flickr groups you can join.  It is amazing what Flickr has to offer and its community of photographers, artists, and creatives!

I invite you to take some time and check out what Flickr is all about!   If you need help getting started, one of my favorite photostreams is from Cleveland photographer and poet, Don Iannone who posts beautiful photos everyday.   

Here’s to our paths crossing on Flickr and to happy photo sharing!


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