Art of Leadership

February 6, 2009
Leadership Altered Book Page / February 2009

Leadership Altered Book Page / February 2009

As President of the Buckeye Art Therapy Association(BATA), I recently invited our Board of Directors to participate in a mail art round robin altered art book around the theme of leadership.  I’ve started the book off with the pages that you see here in this posting.  I’ll be bringing the book to our next board meeting in a couple of weeks for the next board member to work on and then it will be mailed to the next individual on the list and so on until July.  Everyone will have two weeks to work on at least two or more pages. I hope this project will be a fun and creative opportunity to explore what being a leader means with a group of my colleagues.  

What I’ve done focuses on leadership themes related to action, hard work, integrity, and the courage to take risks:

Action:  There’s a quote on this page that says, “Vision isn’t enough unless combined with venture. It’s not enough to stare up the steps unless we also step up the stairs.” It’s exciting to brainstorm ideas, talk about our good intentions, make to-do lists, and set goals we would like to achieve.  But action is what makes things happen. Action turns our thoughts, wishes, and goals from intentons into doing, making our ideas real, and bringing them to life. Action comes from energy, commitment, hard work,and individuals dedicated to making this happen. I value this a lot in leadership and try to remember this in my own responsibilities as a leader.

Hard Work:  Paying attention, listening, remembering, advocating, learning from others, working together, seeking feedback, recruiting, cultivating, teaching, and following up are all actions I try hard to do with sincerity and passion.

Leadership Page 2 / February 2009

Leadership Altered Book Page 2 / February 2009

Integrity-Those people in my life that have been good role models in leadership have all shown strong and inspiring integrity. They lead by example with honesty, openness, trust, and purpose. These are actions that left an impact on me, earned my respect, and what I have tried to learn from and apply in my own life and work. The power of integrity goes a long way and I believe is one of the qualities for the foundation of strong leadership. Questions that I was drawn to from the text on the above page were: “Could you lead by your example? Can you inspire others with your integrity?”

Courage– Leadership often requires taking risks and making decisions that can be difficult. There are obstacles, issues, conflict, change, and opportunities that surface along the way. It can be easy to make decisions rooted in fear, what is already known, or what will just get things by. Responsibility and accountability help guide me in speaking the truth, staying the course, and doing what is in the best interest of the bigger picture.   

This completed altered book will be available for members of BATA to view in September at our Annual Symposium, as well as will be included in our Silent Auction to help raise money for BATA’s Legislative Fund.  I also hope that I can create a short film of the book that hopefully you will be able to see here later in the year.


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