Notes on Finding & Doing Great Work

March 1, 2009

The idea of finding, doing, and commiting to great work has been crossing my path a lot lately.  I have been challenging myself to think thoughtfully more about my own decisions, relationships, expectations, intentions and trying to learn more about what goes into great work. 

The short ad spot below from the creativity and image gurus at Corbis I think speaks to important qualities that distinguishes good work into the level of great work.  Don’t settle for less, cut corners, or give up.  Have high expectations for quality, seek help from others & work together to achieve what needs to be done,  and most importantly, remember that great work is hard work. Don’t make excuses for why a mediocre job is OK.

Finding Your Great Work Movie by Michael Bungay Stanier and his 5 Great Work Truths is another inspiration that I have taken notice to recently:

1. Take full responsibility for the choices you make.  Own them.   Have conviction, commitment, and the accountability that comes with the decision making of doing great work.  Are you in for more great work or out?

2. Changing your focus changes what’s possible.  Look at who you are,  what is important to you, what you are passionate about, and what is around you.  Seek opportunities and others that enrich, support, and inspire possibility. Will you look for great work or just hope it shows up?

3. You must make the full choice. Hold strong to the no so you can commit to the yes.  I think this could become my new mantra!

4. To do great work you must be willing to take a stand. Get focused on what you want and go for it. Don’t let resistance or fear stop you from finding and doing great work.

5. Great work involves not only working with others, but finding the right people to partner with and opening the door to invite them in.  A recent posting on Bungay Stanier’s The Possibility Virus Blog  reminds us that with sites such as LinkedIn and other on-line global networking tools, there is no reason we all shouldn’t be discovering, connecting, and collaborating with people all over the world who are amazing at what they do and can help us find and do great work.  In addition, take a closer look at who and what existing relationships you need to let go of and are exhausting you of your energy, effort, spirit, and time.

Are you ready to go and find your great work?  I know I am! Do you want to join me? Click on the image below and watch the film for more.  Also look for Bungay Stanier’s  new book coming out soon: Find Your Great Work: Napkin-size Solutions to Stop the Busywork & Start the Work that Matters.

Thanks to Nicole for sending this to me- it was perfect timing!

Find Your Great Work Film

Find Your Great Work Movie

One Response to “Notes on Finding & Doing Great Work”

  1. Nicole Says:

    I love your post…and I appreciate the shout out. Part of great work to me is passing on ‘goodies’ we get to people who we know would be interested instead of hitting delete b/c it will take too much time. Information is meant to be shared and I see that as everyone’s responsibility.
    Thanks for the inspiring post,
    ps. and now back to working on tests and measurements reports due Mon.- the hard work that will lead to my great work.

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