My Book of Detachment

March 7, 2009

My mini altered book on Detachment is finally complete! Yay! After many months of slowly making time to work on it, I am happy that it is done. The completion of the book is very good timing. It is a nice visual reminder for me to flip through when I need to remember to let go, relax, and all the things I wrote about in my Detached Devotion post back in January.   I made a short film featuring the entire book…. take a moment to join me in detachment and enjoy….


8 Responses to “My Book of Detachment”

  1. I like this idea. I’ve been interested in altered books for awhile (as they incorporate much of the same techniques I enjoy using in ATCs and art journaling) but I haven’t even tried one yet because I’m having a hard enough time trying to find things to put in a journal, let alone a book, haha.

    I think, after seeing this, I know LOTS of things I could do. I can take any number of quotes and break them into individual phrases and words to create a book! I am so glad I saw this.

    Out of curiousity, what techniques did you use? I always love to ask because sometimes I learn new things 🙂

  2. Hi Cassandramarie— Glad to hear that seeing this book was helpful and got the ideas going for your own book– altered books are a great way to combine techniques used for ATCs and art journaling—! Go for it! For this particular book I used a children’s mini board book and peeled/stripped away all of the pages to start. This makes a nice, sturdy surface for working on- and I liked the “mini” size…. You can’t see it in the photos/film of the book, but some of the pages have pull out and pull up doors/windows that were already part of the board book, which was neat. I enjoyed trying to use these in my design/ideas for some of the pages…. Overall, I incorporated collage, stamping, pastels,and watercolor mostly for the pages…… Best wishes with your altered book and thank you so much for posting– Happy creating! -gretchen

  3. Julie Weber, MSW Says:

    Hi Gretchen– Your book is magnificent. It is so touching to see actual WORK from those of us who work in the Mental Health Field. Too many people cover up personal work in the name of professionalism, and your blogs and posts are such a refreshing joy because of the rich way you share your process with us, (other clinicians and your fond readers). Thank you for opening this window to Soul.

    Very best to you, Julie

  4. Beautiful project..


  5. Lani Says:

    Oh, this is so EXCELLENT!!!
    And what a great, simple way to present it!
    Thanks so much, Gretchen!

  6. Aimee Rozum Says:

    JUST what I needed today…..thank you.

  7. Rebecca Wilkinson Says:

    thanks for the lovely reminder! beautiful book.

  8. […] to this rev o’ lution concept (see Trust and Change for starters).   I did finish my mini altered book on detachment earlier in the year, which has continued to be a great visual reminder when I need it.  I have […]

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