Expressions on Happiness & Gratitude

March 20, 2009
Gratitude is the heart's memory

Gratitude is the Heart's Memory

Earlier this week through an Art Therapy and Positive Psychology group I recently joined, I signed up for an altered book round robin project focusing on the theme of positive psych and expressions about gratitude, happiness, strengths, and virtues.

I am very excited to participate in this round robin and will be working on starting my book this week-end, so I can mail it out by next week to the next person on the list.  Every two weeks I should be receiving someone else’s book to contribute to and by June I should have my original book back to me full of positivity and happiness!

The idea of sending expressions of happiness, practicing gratitude, and honoring strength based content through working on these different altered books is something I really welcome at this time.  Research has shown when we engage in a gratitude set of mind, our level of happiness improves.  During a time where there is so much uncertainty, I know I have a lot to be thankful for and to show appreciation for in my life.  Making a commitment to remember this, especially when I am feeling burdened or stressed will help keep my blessings in perspective.

To learn more about what Positive Psychology has to offer, check out this blog posting, The New Science of Happiness, for many articles, tips, and research related to this area.

Thanks to Gioia for putting together this altered book project!  Look for the start of my book to be posted here sometime in the near future….  🙂


3 Responses to “Expressions on Happiness & Gratitude”

  1. Your collage is beautiful! Thanks for sharing it. Doris Jeanette

  2. […] Expressions on Happiness & Gratitude […]

  3. fesse Says:

    mwa angel dia….troo bom entoulecas sa site la!!!!

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