Grateful Me

March 21, 2009

In my post, Expressions on Happiness and Gratitude I wrote about joining an altered book round robin focusing on the theme of positive psychology and creating a spread around gratitude, happiness, strengths, and virtues.

The below pages for my altered book honor my thankfulness for health and the strength, courage, will, hope, and passion to do what I need to do to manage my health.  I am also grateful for those who support and help me when I most need someone to listen, give me a reality check, and keep me focused.

Graditude Page / Health

Gratitude Page / Health

I am really excited to see what the other altered book artists will contribute to my book and I am also looking forward to adding to their books with more expressions of gratitude and strengths.  Working on this project over the next few months will be fun and encourage grateful living in my life.  I hope to write more about my experience and my new pages as different books arrive in my mailbox.

P.S. If you want to check out what one of the other contributors has done for her pages, check out Lani Gerity’s blog: Lani Puppetmaker’s Blogspot (one of my favorite blogs!)  I receive Lani’s book next, so I can’t wait to work on it… More to come I’m sure…


4 Responses to “Grateful Me”

  1. Seth Says:

    Great pages! Love the positive messages.

  2. Thanks—! I really like your blog and enjoyed reading your Inspiration Station idea- great! -gretchen

  3. bookbabie Says:

    So cool, I’ve always wanted to do one myself.

  4. Patti Says:

    I found your page on Lani’s blog – I’m a member of her 14 Secrets group – this project is intriguing and I love the gratitude spread. I’m curious about your statement about managing your health. I have a chronic illness that has been managing my life for the past few years, though I’m getting a handle on things – largely through art.
    Enjoy the project and I’ll keep checking back.

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