Stepping Away to go MIA

March 31, 2009
Stepping Away...Be Back in a Few Days..

Stepping Away...Be Back in a Few Days..

I have been working hard on tying up loose ends and responsibilities before I step away from being on the laptop, get off the computer grid and go missing in action during a brief getaway and a well deserved mini-vaca to Vegas.  This respite will be very nice and I am thankful that Kevin and I are able to take even this small amount of time away, have some fun, and play.

I found this post, Can You Take a Vacation from Social Media? quite appropriate for this posting- especially since I made the decision last week NOT to take my laptop and use the hotel’s free wifi.  I’m sure I’ll find a computer kiosk to maybe check my e-mail once or twice to keep my in-box manageable, see the status reports of my friends on Facebook, but that’s about it.  Even though my connections to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, blogging, e-groups, and regular old e-mail are something I enjoy, I think I can survive without the social networking scene and spend some time away. Although if we hit it big at the blackjack table, do look for this status report to come through on Facebook!

To help get in an “off the grid” state of mind, check out this Beastie Boys  song and video- Until then, away message on and stepping away…be back in a few days!  Have a good week…


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