Creative Intentions on Leadership

This past week-end The Buckeye Art Therapy Association (BATA) sponsored a Leadership Workshop for Art Therapists in Cincinnati, Ohio facilitated by Cathy Malchiodito discuss the importance of transformational leadership and service in the art therapy community, as well as an opportunity to learn and explore skills important for art therapists to practice and become agents of change. I believe this workshop was very valuable  to those who attended and inspired a lot of my own art-making before, during, and after around the topic of leadership.

Before coming to the workshop, registered attendees received Where Leadership Comes From: A Leadership e-Zine for Art Therapists written by Cathy. The e-zine included information about leadership styles, destructive vs. creative systems, common needs for leadership, leadership characteristics, and intentions motivating service.  Cathy’s zine inspired me to do a mini altered book on some of these topics and content before coming to the workshop. Below are a few pics from this book.

Leadership Mini Altered Book
Leadership Mini Altered Book
Leadership is Knocking
Lead Well
Leadership Needs
Leadership Needs

During the workshop participants were invited to do art around the idea of intention. Our first image was to focus on an intention connected  to your own leadership: a phrase, quote, or saying that really captured this motivation.  Some intentions that were included in the e-zine that really spoke to me were: “No matter what the weather looks like, we have to go ahead now. Waiting any longer could be even more dangerous“… and “Real, authentic change emerges only from a place of deep focus and intention“.

However, the intention that spoke to me the strongest was the one I chose to do my first image about: “We don’t grow unless we are tested.”

We Don't Grow Unless We Are Tested Intention
We Don’t Grow Unless We Are Tested Intention

This intention speaks to my own experiences related to becoming more aware with what it means and takes to be a leader, my own growth in understanding this better, and the positive impact that these “tests” (opportunities, changes, or people) have had in my life. There are many things that I never thought I could do (or would do), but through these challenges I have grown in ways I would have never dreamed of.  Again…the theme of growth continues

The second image we were invited to create was a leadership intention related to the success of the group, organization, or system we work in.   My intention for this includes visioning hope, openness, and the freedom that exists in something new. I believe in the potential, energy, and ideas that will become inspired by this intention and through being a part of a collaborative effort in the world of art therapy. Again…imagining new beginnings…

Something New Intention
Something New Intention

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Gretchen Miller, MA, ATR-BC

Gretchen Miller, MA, ATR-BC, ACTP: Registered Board Certified Art Therapist, TLC Certified Trauma Practitioner, Art Therapy Community Organizer, Artist...

5 thoughts on “Creative Intentions on Leadership”

  1. Gretchen, thanks for posting these concepts from Cathy and your creative responses! I wish I could have been at the workshop and see it as really well timed. Hopefully many more good leadership seeds have been planted as a result of this great BATA event.

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