Thoughts on Inspiring Mentorship

July 9, 2009
Next week I am going to see my first mentor Dr. Z while I am in Michigan for the National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children’s (TLC) Childhood Trauma Practitioners Assembly.  I haven’t seen her in about five years or so, but think of her often and what she instilled in me early on in my professional career and clinical work. I met her at my first job in mental health at a residential treatment center for boys 14 years ago, which is amazing when I do that math.  It was an exciting, but overwhelming time for me as I tried to make sense of working in my first agency, be part of the clinical team, and begin the path of developing my first art therapy program… and I was only 23 years old. Yikes when I think of that now…
Dr. Z, an independent social worker, counselor, and with a Ph.D in Marriage and Family Therapy, was there early on the scene as someone who showed interest and willing to share her knowledge and past experience to help support my efforts, push me to grow, and guide me in a working world that was often unpredictable, chaotic, and stressful.   I have always admired Dr. Z’s work ethic, candor, compassion, intelligence, and her willingness to take real risks, stand up for what is right, and her expectations of herself and others to do great and meaningful work.  
Inspiration... where the wind takes me...a creative journey....

Inspiration Collage

I am very grateful for Dr. Z’s influence, example, and wisdom having a direct impact on the therapist and adult I have become and am today.   The image above is a collage I created to express my gratitude and say thanks… 

Who are you thankful for that helped mentor you early on in your career?

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