Think, Respond, Create: Art Peace Sustainability

September 1, 2009

Yesterday the Art Therapy Alliance and IATO launched a global interactive art event called “Art Peace Sustainability.”

The event includes submitting postcard-sized art works reflecting these concepts or making response art inspired by the following questions:

  • Does art therapy impact peace & sustainability on the planet?
  • How do art, peace, and sustainability intersect?
  • Does the creative process of art making resolve conflicts?
  • Does art therapy build and sustain community?
  • Is art therapy a “green” practice?
You can create as many artworks as you want to and participate here: submit your image to the Art Therapy Alliance group on Polyvore. The event’s concepts have important meaning to me personally and something I also try to incorporate professionally into my work as an art therapist working with children and families impacted by domestic violence. I regularly offer a community-based Peacemakers Art Therapy group for kids to help teach skills and empowerment related to peacemaking and conflict resolution through art-making, creative writing, and other activities to promote non-violence and sustainable living.
In this group, I implement art interventions that explore what peacemaking is, why it is important, and to help identify/develop peacemaking strategies that the child can use at home, school, in the community, as well as with family, friends, and bullies. The art therapy group also supports the child’s emotional expression, self-esteem, working together, and problem solving skills related to the peacemaking concept. The image below was inspired by this work and values I try to inspire in the kids I work with in the Peacemakers Group:
Make Art, Make Peace
How would you respond to the above questions? Time to make some art for a good cause!

3 Responses to “Think, Respond, Create: Art Peace Sustainability”

  1. Silky Hart Says:

    Thanks so much Gretchen! You inspired me to write a blog on this collaborative art project.

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