Paying Attention to Creativity, Trust, Vision

September 14, 2009

Since the launch of the Art Peace Sustainability Interactive Event, postcard size art has been steadily coming in to the International Art Therapy Organization and Art Therapy Alliance.  Images inspired by these concepts have been very thoughtful, creative, and inspiring- I can’t wait to see more as the collection grows!  

There is a gallery building on the Art Therapy Alliance website and on the International Art Therapy Organization site, there’s a slide carousel of sets submitted through Polyvore if you are interested in checking out what great art has been created and become inspired to submit your own. Thank you to everyone who has participated so far in this global project and also helped spread the word!  Check out this inspiring “Creative Peacemaking” reflection from Silky Hart’s Wishcasting and this mention from Jamie Ridler Studios.

I finally finished a non-Polyvore image that I have been working on for this event:

Creativity Trust Vision

While reflecting more about the concepts of art, peace, and sustainability I was drawn to these definitions of creativity, trust, and vision. For me, these words are closely linked and are basic components to the event’s concepts:

Art –> Creativity: Able to imagine and create; using originality, stimulating the imagination; extending beyond the normal limitations.

Peace –> Trust: To have confidence in something or someone; to know something in your heart.

Sustainability –> Vision: Creative insight or imaginative foresight and wisdom; something that is seen in a dream.

I believe in the integrity of these words.  While there would be many more I might include, I know that I could have not done probably 99% of the work I do out there without paying attention first to these three. 

Focusing on creativity, trust, and vision this year in particular has had a significant impact for me in a positive way.  Cultivating this potential through connection, collaboration, and actioned intention has been liberating, energizing, and has given me the freedom to be in an entirely different space and with a growing new perspective about what’s really important.  

And finally, I continue to be grateful for the opportunities and people in my life that have contributed to and keep me on this rewarding path towards art, peace, and sustainability.


2 Responses to “Paying Attention to Creativity, Trust, Vision”

  1. Silky Hart Says:

    Gretchen, such an inspiring post! Love it!

  2. Tracy Says:

    Gretchen, I love that the definition of “trust” you used in your artwork implies trusting ourselves as well as others. My art therapy training included frequent discussion of the Buddhist concept of maitri–self-compassion. It’s hard to trust others when we’re not in a trusting relationship with ourselves.

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