Twitter Inspired Creativity

September 27, 2009

This morning I woke up to Mashable’s tweet on 6 Incredible Twitter Powered Art Projects and was inspired to check out and try some of these fun applications. Here’s a couple:

Twitter Mosaic– This application takes the avatar of your Twitter friends or followers to create a tiled mosaic. Then through Zazzle, you can take your Twitter Mosaic and create your own merch. Print your Twitter Mosaic on everything from shirts, coffee cups to mousepads and bags. Here’s a small mosaic featuring some of my Twitter followers:

Twitter Mosaic Mug- Customized mug

Portwiture This application combines my love for Flickr with Twitter. Your latest tweeted statuses are matched up with photos from Flickr, creating a visual art expression in mosaic form. Portwiture describes this application as “Your Twitter Status in Photos”. Check out my “Portwit” at to see what Flickr photos describe my Twitter state of mind.

In addition to what was mentioned in Mashable’s article, there are also other creative projects that have been inspired by Twitter. Here are just a couple:

Twitter Data Portraits– Created by Alex Dragulescu, trending words from an individual’s tweets are used to create patterns and a portrait of the tweeter. As described on the Vitmeo site, “the words on the left side of the silhouette show the daily rhythm (one day is two seconds) while the right side shows a cumulative view”.

This project is currently off-line while its being re-tooled, but here’s a video of one of the portraits created:

100 Days of Fry– This illustration project by artist Morgan Ritchie followed and visually responded to the tweets of British actor Stephen Fry through creating a daily drawing and then posting it to TwitPic. See the collection of Ritchie’s 100 drawings here.

It’s really exciting to see how technology and creativity are crossing paths via social media platforms such Twitter and what is being created through followers, uploaded photos, art, and status updates. Something as simple as 140 characters has inspired many neat ideas, projects, and creative self expression. This awareness makes me think more about how I could use my growing affection for Twitter in more creative ways! Hmmmm…


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