FUSION- e-Zine for Planet Art Therapy is Here!

October 22, 2009
FUSION- an e-Zine for Planet Art Therapy

FUSION is here!

This week myself and International Art Therapy Organization [IATO] Founder Cathy Malchiodi launched the premier issue of FUSION, an e-Zine for Planet Art Therapy inspired by members and work of the Art Therapy Alliance and IATO, as well as a voice for news, stories, and the art therapy community worldwide!

Publishing this e-Zine developed from our common commitment and outlook to provide quality resources and a connection for art therapists everywhere.  FUSION is all about a new energy, excitement, and blend of ideas, cultures, and people for a sustainable future in art therapy.

This 18 page issue includes news, art and feature stories from all over the globe, as well as partnerships, special projects, and events taking place worldwide.  Take a look at some of what’s featured in this first issue below:

Download your free, complete PDF issue here: http://www.arttherapyalliance.org/FUSION.html

If you are interested in submitting content or information to be considered for future issues of FUSION, please contact us at info@arttherapyalliance.org or info@internationalarttherapy.org.  Enjoy!


One Response to “FUSION- e-Zine for Planet Art Therapy is Here!”

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