Beginnings of a Dichotomy Fatbook

December 13, 2009

I recently was invited to and signed up for a group fatbook project with some art therapists and artists in my area.  The way this collaborative mixed media project will work is that everyone creates a 4 x 4 page for each person participating,  and then at the conclusion of the project, participants will all come together to swap pages and bind our book with the creative content everyone has created.  For more about making fatbooks check out this link here. 

I am looking forward to creating my pages for everyone and excited to see what pages and variations of the fatbook’s theme will be created by everyone else.  The swap won’t be until the summer, so I have lots of time to work on the pages I need to get done!

I started to work on some ideas via Polyvore around the theme of this fatbook: Dichotomy.  Right now I am brainstorming concepts and cultivating imagery related to the dichotomy of right-left brain characteristics, mind-body connection and theory, as well as ideas about the thinking brain vs. the feeling brain that I can incorporate into collage.  I am drawn to these concepts in my art therapy work with clients, especially related to trauma and I think this fatbook project will be a fun and creative opportunity to explore these subjects more and the relationship between them.

Below are some of my sets created with Polyvore that I will print and use for collage in the 15 pages I need to create.  Look for more updates on my dichotomy fatbook as it develops– the process is just getting started!

Dichotomy 1-Think/Feel by Gretchen Miller
Left Right Brain Dichotomy by Gretchen Miller
Mind-Heart Dichotomy
Mind-Heart Dichotomy by Gretchen Miller
Logic Intuition-Dichotomy by Gretchen Miller

See more progress on my pages here:

10 Responses to “Beginnings of a Dichotomy Fatbook”

  1. Poppy Says:

    Wonderful images, Gretchen; love the project and theme you have 🙂

  2. Lisbeth Lanpher Says:

    Fabulous descriptive visuals of the L/R brain dichotomy and confluence!

  3. Really powerful and provocative images Gretchen. They really are engaging to view. Thanks for sharing this fun project with us. I hope you show more of your book as it progresses.

  4. Susan Says:

    I really liked your work and the link to information abt fatbook. Thank you Gretchen!

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  6. Amanda Knapp Melkowits Says:

    The fat book blog is inspiring, the images- amazing! Can’t wait to see them on pages!

  7. Thanks Amanda!
    Check out this new blog post: to see the start of my first six pages….

    Thanks so much for organizing this project— what fun!

  8. A lot of the ideas I’m finding in the mixed media group of Art Therapy Alliance are very similar to what is happening in the ‘scrapbook world’. I did my ‘thesis’ on Therapeutic Scrapbooking and Art Therapy. I’m fascinated to find so much similarities!

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