creating a new revo’lution: re-discovered meaning + intention for 2010

December 28, 2009

No Evolution Without Revolution

I’ve been posting recently on my 2009 rev o’ lution and recent reflections on this from the past year… I was excited to see the rev o’ lution action also take form on Lani Puppetmaker’s Blogspot, where Lani Gerity started her own rev o’ Lution inspired by the concepts of Friendship, Stillness, and Simplicity. Check it out!

So the time has come for me to create my new rev o’ lution for 2010- which I honestly have been looking forward to all month.  My process includes first creating a list of words/concepts/intentions I want develop and cultivate more in the new year, that I then narrow the list down to eight words.  From there, I create a special altered book where each page is dedicated to the intentions chosen. 

This year, an image that I usually keep on the nightstand by the bed kept grabbing my attention as I started to form 2010’s rev o’ lution. It’s a small mixed media image on canvas board that I created sometime in 2006 when I was thinking about running for President of Ohio’s Buckeye Art Therapy Association, after my name was thrown in for nomination consideration.  At the time, I remembered having a lot of anxiety and self-doubt about this. I wondered if this was something that I could really do?  It’s one thing to be a board member and focused on your specific committee tasks and commitments. I’m good with details, following through on projects and tasks at hand, but was uncertain about my abilities to be responsible for the “big picture” and setting the overall tone, energy, organization, and leadership of an entire board and its members.

The idea frankly freaked me out a lot.  And when I’m freaked out, one of the things I do is make art.  In response, I created this image of my intentions and anticipations connected to what I wanted to bring to being a leader at this level.  It helped stabilize my anxiety, doubt, and create meaning behind my decision to move ahead on this path if given the opportunity.


Encourage. Care. Hope. Create. Learn. Dare. Wonder. Listen. 

These were all important concepts that I wanted to develop, contribute, and inspire.  I also remember at this time wanting to bring an energy and enthusiasm to move efforts forward through action, dedication, and hard work.

That was three years and two terms as President ago.  To date, that’s 14 board meetings, 17 board members, over 200 members, 2 Symposiums, 1 national art therapy conference, introducing 2 art therapy legsilation bills, 2 strategic plans, a new mission statement, a new website, and too many e-blasts, e-mails, follow up phone calls, newsletter and meeting reports, and website updates to count.  Most  importantly, I believe this collective work and everyone’s participation has contributed to energizing our community, connection, and hopefully truly serving the needs of art therapy in Ohio and our members.

I reflect on all of this because 2010 will be my last year finishing this term.  In creating this year’s rev o’ lution, I thought a lot about this journey and its impact on my life over the last few years, including how other experiences and expectations of good vs. bad leadership have ultimately influenced and shaped future desires, intentions, priorities, and decisions that I face in the here and now.

I have learned *a lot*.  And there are many good friends and supports who have helped, encouraged, and taught me so much along the way.  This journey and those who have walked with me over the last few years have been invaluable to keeping me on course and reminding me of the “big picture” during times that were uncertain, difficult, and challenging.  Where I stand today is with gratitude, strength, and a renewed passion connected to what and who matters most.  I believe there’s lots more great work still to come in this upcoming year- not just here in my own backyard, but also on a bigger scale.  I’ve gotten a little better with seeing the “big picture”.

I am looking forward to what this new year will bring as I remember some of my old intentions with re-discovered meaning to create new ones for this year’s rev o’ lution.

So here’s my rev o’ lution for 2010: Create Dare Balance Encourage Wonder Learn Sustain Transition

To celebrate the launching of this new rev o’ lution, watch a short film I created featuring the altered book I made about each of these concepts.  During these last few days of 2009, it’s time to kick off next year’s rev o’ lution and believe me, I am ready to go!!!  Look for more rev o’ lution reflections throughout this week.

What does your 2010 rev o’ lution look like?



5 Responses to “creating a new revo’lution: re-discovered meaning + intention for 2010”

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  4. Wonderful post… Now I need to go work on my own revolution!

  5. creativity at its best, very inspiring!

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