Create, Dare, Balance

December 29, 2009

Create Dare Balance

These are the first three intentions of my 2010 revo’lution: Create, Dare, and Balance. Here’s a little bit of why they were included: 

Create- Creation, doing, making and action are all central to who I am and without it I would be lost.  I like to make art.  Paintings. Collages. Altered books. I like to write.  Blog.  Write about subjects important to me and my work.   Make lists of stuff I am working on, need to do, or should be thinking about.  I love practicing and promoting art therapy. I also like to create and work on things with and for others.  Art. Connection. Networking. Opportunity.  I like to create new ideas and experiences.  More than just talk about it , make art about it, write or make to-do lists about it (that’s part of my process and it’s important)- but actually DO it, see it happen, and something to show for it that is real, meaningful and authentic. I hope for much energy, vision, and meaning for creating “it” and more in 2010. 

Dare–  This year I want to continue to have the courage and strength to be true to myself, those relationships important in my life,  and make decisions or take the needed risks to grow and do what’s needed to get things done–> right.     

Balance– With all the content connected to the above two intentions that primarily fuel my day to day activities, I have to remember to be mindful of balance- which of course, I am not very good at and will again probably be my biggest challenge in 2010.  Finding time to just be, relax, go off the grid and be still is needed to balance the intensity behind my work ethic, passion, and interests that drive me. 

My Altered Book Pages


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