Flying Free: Encourage, Wonder, Learn

December 30, 2009
Encourage, Wonder, Learn

This is where I started to notice the appearance of birds in the images I was making for my altered book about my 2010 revo’lution.  Not exactly sure what this is all about entirely, but I think it’s something that will probably make more sense to me throughout this upcoming year.

Right now I am associating concepts of flying free and having a “bird’s eye view”.  I also continue to learn how to build new “nests”- in the pursuit of creating a safe haven for connection, collaboration, and creativity, while preparing to move on from a couple of other “nests” that are starting to no longer fit or I have outgrown.  

I’m entering this new year with a clearer and new perspective on many things, but I think there’s much more to understand about why I included all these birds.  I believe the intentions I chose related to encourage, wonder, and learn will have a big impact on the meaning behind this imagery and I look forward to seeing what might develop. 

Altered Book Pages


One Response to “Flying Free: Encourage, Wonder, Learn”

  1. I love your idea of focusing on words as resolutions. I read what you wrote the other day about trust and realized that trust is my big word for the new year.

    I also am inspired by birds and seem to find them also in my art and writing.

    DId you listen to the Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes “Mother NIght” series on Sounds True? Lani Garity directed me there and they are wonderful. Pinkola Estes has a wonderful quote about birds that reminds me of what you say.

    Here it is, not sure if it will fit here but I will try:

    “Some see a feather and think it frail, but the winged ones arrived with only hollow quills and eiderdown, yet they are the ones who saw the stars of both hemispheres before human beings ever could. Some see a feather, a winged thing, and think it frail, but they discovered the new world first and left those worlds unharmed.

    They crossed oceans before humans dared. They saw unending aerial views of earth and sky while humans had to wait for centuries to fledge satellites that would see the night sky for them.

    Born to bear 25 thousand feathers, the winged creatures claimed the wind covering 25 hundred miles in a single migration. The winged ones carry the overview, the ground-view, all from flying until exhausted, then resting and feasting, then homing, then birthing, and finally, up and away through storm, through sunlight, through wonder and the danger and the hunger for it all.

    And some look at those with wings and see only a swath of painted feathers but these souls were born into the earth and were explicitly created to fly and to return and ever to return and to tell the stories to others of what can be seen when one is allowed to soar. And so may it be for you and so may it be for me and for all of us. This prayer said over us on this day by this one who in this lifetime carries the name Clarissa Pinkola Estes.”


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