Revo’lution e-Memo- Re: Sustain and Transition

January 1, 2010

Sustain, Transition

As I finish my writing on this series and launching my 2010 revo’lution , these last two intentions around sustaining and transitioning I think will be very important for me to remember.

I want to be mindful about investing my energy to help sustain important causes/efforts, as well as continue nurturing and seeking meaningful relationships that value trust, mutual respect, and responsibility.  This includes work, projects, and individuals I truly believe in, give me hope, and empower myself and others to really be stakeholders towards creating change, energy, and community. 

Part of my transition in 2010 will include a process that already started in 2009, but I believe will only grow stronger. I will be shifting intentions and life decisions to better support myself and others, continue to be present, give back, and share my authentic self.

Hopefully this will contribute to doing lots of good work in 2010, stronger relationships, creative ideas, and more energy for all things that I’m passionate about in life!  

Here’s to the new revo’lution!

My Altered Book Pages


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