My Dichotomies-A Visual Reflection

April 8, 2010

A little while ago I introduced a collaborative fatbook project I’ve been working on around the theme of Dichotomy.  Today I finished all the pages needed to swap with the 13 participants still in the project. In celebration of this and the fun I had working on the project, I decided to make a short film of my collective images.

Completing my final pages got me thinking lots more about my dichotomy focus on mind/body, left/right brain, and think/feel themes and why I chose this direction to explore further.  These concepts are not only interesting and relevant to the work that I do with others in art therapy, but I believe I was also drawn to how these themes connect to my own process and to understand better about how they balance, impact and intersect in my own life related to work, health, home, and my relationships. 

I look forward to these pages finding new homes in the fatbooks that will be made in June!


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