Imagination Made Visible: What You See, Is What You Get

The Art of Seeing What is Invisible

Yesterday I came across this great read on The Huffington Post about how important visualizing our goals, dreams, hopes, and wishes are to making them a reality.  The author of the article Kari Henley spoke to many things that validated my own practice of visioning through art-making and writing.  As referenced or posted on here before, I have found that making my ideas, hopes, and dreams visible through these creative actions have helped me focus on the tasks at hand, the work that needs to be done, the attitude I need to have, as well as be aware, open, and ready for opportunities, relationships, and attractions that will support and further develop my intentions.

Below are several of my visioning collages from the last eight years or so, when I really started using art-making in this way to help make sense of where I wanted to go, what I needed to do, and what change I wanted for the future.  Some of the collages have already been featured here on Creativity in Motion, but this short film brings them all together:

Looking back on many of these collages is exciting, as I can see many of the original intentions having meaning and reason for exactly where I am today: professionally, personally, with my health, and in my relationships.  It’s often amazing to look back on collages I created with specific intentions and know their impact on my life today.


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Gretchen Miller, MA, ATR-BC

Gretchen Miller, MA, ATR-BC, ACTP: Registered Board Certified Art Therapist, TLC Certified Trauma Practitioner, Art Therapy Community Organizer, Artist...

3 thoughts on “Imagination Made Visible: What You See, Is What You Get”

  1. This is a good thing…collage…thank you for the reminder to think about it and it’s special value.
    “Pieces” comes to mind….combining the pieces to make the whole.

    Thoughts are like pieces. Lots of them up there…
    I’ve got lots of thoughts about lots of different things.
    A collage is like “gathering the pieces”…throwing a rope around them and have them display themselves together instead of letting them “run wild” in my mind.
    Collage is an extremely great way to let them take “center stage” about some area in life.
    And to put them down on a piece of art together is extremely powerful as it allows your mind to rest and just look…I think it opens up new avenues of thought and perspective about that area that were not there before.
    It is like making a map and putting a star at some place and saying, “you are here”.
    It’s not the answer, but you can at least see where you are and also where you want/need to go from there to get to your destination.
    C is for “collage”….C is for coooool!

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