Art Therapy Meets Artist Trading Cards: Let the Swapping Begin!

June 23, 2010

A couple of weeks ago I volunteered to put together an Artist Trading Card (ATC) exchange for Art Therapy Alliance members of the Materials and Media in Art Therapy subgroup on LinkedIn after this posted article featuring ATCs in art therapy sessions inspired discussion and interest to create and learn more about this type of mixed media art.  Very exciting!  To offer a quick overview, ATCs are miniature works of art in the dimensions of 2.5 x 3.5 inches and are meant to be exchanged to connect with other artists and obtain exposure to different techniques, media, and ideas. To learn more about ATCs and see some examples, you can visit Art in Your Pocket: A Primer on Artist Trading Cards by Joumana Medlej.  You can also view this quick ATC overview below:

Our swap’s theme is Art Therapy: Helping Others, Communities, and the World. The exchange has 53 art therapists, art therapy students, and other Alliance community members who will be mailing in four cards and receiving three back.   The fourth card will be used to post on the Art Therapy Alliance’s posterous to showcase this creative collaboration, provide an opportunity to promote art therapy, and the possible benefits of incorporating ATCs in art therapy.

Below are my three ATCs to exchange for this swap.  My ATCs are inspired by populations important to me and where art and art therapy are making a difference in the lives of others in need:


My first ATC was inspired by the work of The Combat Paper Project, which has appeared on Creativity in Motion before with my posts Combat Paper Project: Liberating Uniforms into Art and Make Paper, Not War.

This collaborative art project working with veterans to transform their uniforms into paper and reclaim their military experience is such important work.  I believe the work of CPP is a true testament to the process of art-making to help facilitate healing and coping through the act of transformation.


My second ATC is dedicated to the amazing community arts program RAW Art Works in Lynn, MA that works with at-risk youth through providing creative outlets for promoting and strengthening positive self-expression, identity, and community.


My third ATC is related to my own work as an art therapist working with children and also women impacted by domestic violence and the power of art to provide these survivors with a safe voice to share their experiences and memories when words cannot.

I am looking forward to seeing the other responses and reflections related to our art therapy theme and connecting more with Art Therapy Alliance community members through this exchange.  My mailbox is ready to go to receive over 200 ATCs over the next few weeks… Let the swapping begin!


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