My First Fatbook

June 29, 2010

On Sunday, I participated in the final (and most exciting!) part of the Fatbook project I have been involved in with a group of local art therapists and interested participants. After several months of working on our pages, the group came together to exchange our pages and to put our books together. It was so much fun!

One by one, each person had the opportunity to spread out their pages for the entire group to view and talk about what they created for the project. We also reflected on the process of creating our pages and what it was like participating in this collaboration. For me, it was a powerful experience to hear everyone’s stories and intentions behind their pages, both from a personal viewpoint and the materials, media, or techniques used, as well as the dichotomy themes we each chose to focus on. Themes connected to loss, sight/sound, nature/nurture, mind/body, fertile/barren were some of the dichotomies explored throughout the fatbook pages.

Fatbook Pages by Molly

Fatbook Pages by Kathy

Fatbook Pages by Amanda

Fatbook Pages by Me

Fatbook Pages by Molly O'H

Fatbook Pages by Brian

I found the in-person sharing and coming together to exchange our art really valuable and I am glad I was able to attend and participate in this final part of the project. Not everyone in the project could attend the party, but some were able to get their pages to the project’s organizer and host so they could be included in the making of our individual books. Some late arrivals will also be mailed to everyone to add to our book.

My First Fatbook!

Thank you to Amanda (organizer and host!) for putting this collaboration together and to Molly for inviting me to participate with the group! I really enjoyed learning more about fatbooks, exploring the dichotomy theme, and the final product with the opportunity to come together and share. That was the best part!

I’ve had a few people inquire more about the details of this project so they could create and participate in their own Fatbook collaboration. Below are some basic guidelines that Amanda provided us for our project. Amanda’s guidance was really helpful for a fatbook newbie like myself learning more about this process.

  • Create a page for each participant– Your pages can each be different or all the same;
  • Each page should be 4 X 4 inches Leave about a half-inch along the left side of the page free from embellishments for easy punching and binding;
  • Use card stock, poster board, watercolor paper or another sturdy surface for your pages;
  • Create images/art to show your response to the book’s theme- Fatbook pages can be decorated with many different types of fun embellishments and creative materials;
  • After everyone’s pages are done, you can have a swapping and binding party to exchange pages and put together the book;
  • To bind: punch two holes along the left hand side of each page with a punch holder. Use 2 inch metal binder rings to attach to each page;
  • A cover for your fatbook can also be made!

You can also learn more about making a fatbook here with this simple overview. If you’re interested in learning more out my process related to my Mind/Body pages, check out some of my old posts filed under altered art.


3 Responses to “My First Fatbook”

  1. Lani Says:

    Wow, such a great idea!!!

  2. Kathy Krebs Says:

    So glad you participated in the group. You were a great addition! I especially appreciated the fact that you recorded the binding party with pictures and words.

    Still feeling some stuff from the process and am thankful for the whole experience.

    Can’t wait to get started on the next one!

  3. chrissie Says:

    i loved being present even though unfortunately i wasn’t involved in this art project. it definitely inspired me and made me ready to get re-involved with art therapy projects and my own personal work. thanks for sharing this post đŸ™‚

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