The Power of Art Therapy: Artist Trading Card Style

July 26, 2010

Last month I posted about this Artist Trading Card (ATC) Exchange I volunteered to organize and host for the Art Therapy Alliance‘s Materials and Media Group on LinkedIn.  This past week-end there was tons of exchanging going on in my living room as I swapped out 200 ATCs from 50 art therapists and art therapy students across the US and Canada.  The pic below is a snap shot of the sea of art and SASEs right before the swapping fun began!

My Living Room: A Sea of ATCs & SASEs!

A part of this exchange that I would like to highlight on Creativity in Motion is our swap’s theme which was all about art therapy and how it helps others, communities, and the world.  Images and messages of art’s power to bring hope, change, recovery, expression, and create meaning in the lives of others were seen throughout many of the artist trading cards.

View this video I created below to see some of these mini art works:

This experience and process was lots of fun!  You can read a complete wrap about the project via the Art Therapy Alliance’s posterous here.  And finally, a photo album of all the ATCs contributed can be viewed via the Art Therapy Alliance’s Facebook page.  Thank you to everyone who participated!


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