Bringing Awareness to Domestic Violence through Art

Peace Begins at Home

October is here which means it’s time to remember that this entire month is dedicated to bringing awareness to the issue of domestic violence.  As highlighted last year in my post for 2009’s DV Awareness Month, domestic violence is a cycle of  abuse  rooted in power and control towards an intimate partner.  Domestic violence can be physical, emotional, economic, and/or sexual abuse from batterer behaviors that use intimidation, isolation,  humiliation and tactics to create control, terror and fear.  To learn more about domestic violence, learn the warning signs, get help, and how to protect yourself or others, visit this resource through the Domestic Violence Awareness Project.

If you follow this blog or my art therapy work, the issue of domestic violence is also  important to me because of my work with children and women survivors of domestic violence.  This work includes offering art therapy to youth, families, and women seeking safety and reaching out for immediate help in shelter, as well as providing art therapy services to youth in the community impacted by trauma and loss issues related to family violence, separation, and abuse.

Learn more about how art can be valuable for trauma intervention, give a voice for domestic violence, and explore opportunities for families to break the cycle of abuse and live violence free:

Art can also be a creative, non-threatening, and preventative outlet to help bring community awareness about DV, as seen in Northeast Florida for Hubbard House’s 1st Annual Domestic Violence Awareness Month Youth Art Contest.

I like this project a lot because not only does it address violence prevention through art, but also challenges the community to think about themes related to how violence can impact a child’s daily life.  If you live in the NE Florida area, art submissions are being accepted until October 21.


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Gretchen Miller, MA, ATR-BC

Gretchen Miller, MA, ATR-BC, ACTP: Registered Board Certified Art Therapist, TLC Certified Trauma Practitioner, Art Therapy Community Organizer, Artist...

2 thoughts on “Bringing Awareness to Domestic Violence through Art”

  1. As a student Masters researching on Domestic violence am really fascinated by your work.Thanks lot

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