Papermaking, Art Therapy & Combat Paper Project Workshop @ Edgewood College

March 27, 2011

I just returned from spending two days in Madison, Wisconsin to help conduct a papermaking and art therapy workshop with undergraduate art therapy students at Edgewood College with Combat Papermakers Drew Matott and Margaret Mahan. This two day workshop exposed students to the Combat Paper Project, papermaking practice, art therapy, trauma intervention considerations, and using art as a form of self-transformation.  Students engaged in break out groups, art-making, writing exercises, and hand-ons demonstrations to learn more about how papermaking can help the veteran community cope with emotions and experiences connected to military life.

On Saturday, students also had the opportunity to check out Combatpapermaking at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where workshops were also being held while the Combat Paper Project was in the Madison area.

Thanks to Janice Havlena for bringing us to the Edgewood College campus to work with her art therapy students and all the students who attended throughout these two days!  Thank you to Edgewood College’s Art Department, Edgewood College Art Therapy Students (ECATS), EPB. and the School of Integrative Studies who sponsored this event.

In a couple of weeks at The Society for the Arts in Healthcare 22nd Annual Conference me, Cathy Malchiodi, and Pam DeLuco will be presenting Combat Paper Project: Helping Soldiers Use Papermaking to Reclaim & Reconstruct Their Lives” on Friday, April 15.  This panel presentation will highlight Combat Paper Project and a partnership between artists, art therapists, and veterans to assist returning military personnel in transforming combat uniforms into paper, helping them to reclaim and reconstruct their lives, post war.

If you’re interested in learning more about Combatpapermaking & art therapy check out this resource:


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