What Does Your Revolution Look Like?

May 3, 2011

Ready for Revolution Flyer [PDF]

Wow!  There’s only a month left to register for 21 SECRETS! Registration ends May 31, 2011 @ http://bit.ly/gY9WFs

What does your revo’lution look like?


21 SECRETS is an ONLINE, self guided, art journaling workshop where participants will receive the opportunity to learn different techniques, methods, and approaches to art journaling from a group of 21 artists through July 31, 2011.

My workshop ready for revo’lution will empower you to use art journaling to  explore concepts of transformation, creating change, and invite intentions of new possibilities through the power of collage, mixed media, journaling prompts & more.  Embrace your revo’lutionary spirit to imagine, create or reclaim your ideas into action!


2 Responses to “What Does Your Revolution Look Like?”

  1. Susan Says:

    I’m a little confused. I registered for the 21 Secrets, but this is the first time I’m participating. Am I supposed to be doing something proactively? Are there conference calls I should be on? How do I get involved?

  2. Hi Susan– If you’ve registered for 21 SECRETS, you should have received an e-mail automatically with next steps– Check out the info on http://bit.ly/gY9WFs
    about making sure you look for this e-mail with the e-mail account you use for your PayPal payment…. If you continue to have difficulties getting set up, you can e-mail Dirty Footprints Studio at dirtyfootprints@yahoo.com Hope this helps and see you soon @ 21 SECRETS!

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