50 Fun Things Wordle and Brainstorming

July 31, 2011

This blog post from Original Impulse (by way of Dan Goodwin’s Twitter @coachcreative) inspired this Happiness Wordle and my list below of 50 Fun Things:

50 Fun Things Brainstorming:

1. Making art for myself and for others

2. Listening to loud music

3. Traveling

4. Spending time in NYC, Chicago, San Francisco

5. Hanging out with Kevin

6. Playing with our cats Simon, Herman Munster, and Lil’ Kitty

7. Cutting out and organizing magazine photo collage

8. Buying and playing with new electronics

9. Spending time and laughing with friends

10.  Technology

11. Helping out & giving back through my work, service, leadership

12. Collecting and playing with toys, trinkets

13. Buying IKEA furniture

14. The smell of grungepaper

15. Taking and sharing photos

16. Watching television

17. Going to Five Guys

18. Getting new art materials

19. Creating and sharing new ideas

20. Finding hope and inspiration in creativity

21. Relaxing

22. Collecting skulls, calaveras

23.  Troublemaking and scheming

24. Eating Kevin’s mac & cheese

25. Plan B daydreaming

26. Writing

27. Pandora listening

28. Pepsi drinking

29. Eating popcorn with lots o’ butter & salt

30. My iPhone and app fun

31. Playing with distressed ink

32. Listening to satelite radio in my car

33. Being on a real vacation

34. Kevin’s grilling

35. Birthday cupcake making

36. Watching b-movies

37. Reading about zombie culture

38.  Laughing

39. Family get togethers

40. Reading letters from my niece

41. Creating or exchanging art with others

42. blackjack playing

43. Nacho eating

44. Wordle making

45.  Flying my freak flag

46. Youtube watching

47. Video making

48. Going to Vegas

49.  Drinking iced mochas and frappucinos

50.  Maryjane shoe shopping


2 Responses to “50 Fun Things Wordle and Brainstorming”

  1. Wordle making for sure on the fun list! This is great, Gretchen!

    It’s fun for me to read others’ fun lists. I love how very simple things like interacting with the cat can add so much to our lives.

    Thanks for doing your list and for tweeting it so I could find it!

    Have fun,


  2. Thanks for checking out my list Cynthia– this was much fun! Probably could be added to the list too…. 🙂
    Love your post– great idea!

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