My Gratitude Wordle Collection

September 16, 2011

I recently started making gratitude wordles after attending a trauma stewardship workshop with Laura van Dernoot Lipsky this summer.   Here’s a collection of some wordles I’ve created over the last couple of months:

The process of  taking a moment to make an intentional reflection of what I’m grateful for and then creating a wordle about it has been really helpful.  This practice has been a fun way to help me put things into perspective, slow things down a bit, and creates a reminder about simplicity related to my life, relationships, and to work on not taking things for granted. There is a lot to be thankful for.

I’m hoping to take this practice as something I can incorporate into my art-making, perhaps through art journaling or perhaps some kind of 365 project.   I’ll keep you posted on what develops…


One Response to “My Gratitude Wordle Collection”

  1. […] am also incorporating my love of Pinterest and Gratitude Wordle Making as lesson companions to help me focus and reflect on all the good stuff Lani’s workshop has to […]

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