21 SECRETS Art Journaling Playground: Last Call

September 26, 2011

October is quickly approaching… and wow– this means that registration for 21 SECRETS will soon be closing.  I can’t believe it has already been six months since Connie Hozvicka of Dirty Footprints Studio opened the 21 SECRETS’ doors! With over 800 participants and now 22 workshops and instructors all dedicated to art journaling, I am so enjoying what this experience has had to offer.  I have met loads and loads of creative and inspiring art journalers from around the world, including the amazing group of teachers I am working with, participants in my class ready for revolution and colleagues from the art therapy community who are participating, as well as many other creatives from all around the 21 SECRETS playground!  The content of techniques, concepts, and approaches to art journaling have been so much fun to learn more about, experiment with, create, see posted in the 21 SECRETS community, and share.

Sooo….if you haven’t registered for 21 SECRETS yet and been thinking about joining us, you still have time this week to sign up and play until January 1, 2012.  And…just announced today, Dirty Footprints Studio is discounting 21 SECRETS to $49.99!

Last call!  Registration closes for good on 11:59 pm PST, Friday, September 30th.  Learn more and how to register here.


One Response to “21 SECRETS Art Journaling Playground: Last Call”

  1. theresazip Says:

    I hope I’m not overdoing it- but with ‘6 Degrees’ have recently decided to bring the internet into my studio to help collegiality, inspiration and support flow in… 22 Secrets too, eh? 🙂 …abundance…

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