Revolution (Art) Making : Live Life Fearlessly

September 27, 2011

I love, love, love this art journal page posted a few days ago in my ready for revolution class by Janette Gregson in the UK who just started her revolution book making experience in 21 SECRETS.  I love the image of the woman on the tightrope, included Alan Alda quote, and overall message!  Thanks to Janette for sharing this and letting me re-post here on Creativity in Motion… Check out Janette’s art journaling blog to view some more of her work and read about her experiences.  Nice!

Throughout the last six months in ready for revolution, I am always excited to see what each individual creates, their intention, how this is expressed visually, and reflections posted within our group.  As I’ve posted here before, it’s awesome to see the revolution pages and the entire books (wow!) being created and shared.  After the last few years of annually creating my own revolution book and sharing it with others sorta on my own through this blog, social media, and video,  it’s so powerful to see the hopeful, empowering, and inspiring revolutions shared by others and this group of support, encouragement, and community.

Here’s to much more revolution (art) making!!  Yay!


One Response to “Revolution (Art) Making : Live Life Fearlessly”

  1. Thank you Gretchen, your workshop is fabulous, I’m so glad that I found 21 Secrets and you!
    Big love
    Janette (aka AJ)

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