Prayer Flag Exchanging!!

November 19, 2011

Since August, my ATR supervision group and I have been working on a prayer flag project and during our most recent group it was time to exchange our flags with one another!  I was excited to finally bring together our wishes and hopes into a collective string of intentions inspired by members of this group.

Each of us (6) created at least 6 flags: made with an intention and image that we wanted to focus on.  Simple cotton fabric squares about 6 x 6 inches were used with acrylic paint, paint markers, Sharpie markers, and ink stamping to embellish the print we made (read this post for info on this). A couple of inches were left at the top of each flag where the fabric could be folded back and glued/hot glued for yarn to be easily threaded through each flag for stringing.

For our exchange, each person went one at a time to display their flags among the group and had an opportunity to speak about their intention, its meaning, the image they created, and reflections about participating in this process before group members chose which flag they wanted to include in their collection.  The exchanging of flags created an opportunity to also offer our intention outside of ourselves to others.  Intentions that were featured within this project included: Balance, Wonder, Imagine, Clarity, Awareness, and Vision.


The intention I chose to focus on for this project included the concept of “Imagine” and a quote from one of my favorite books The Alchemist.  I attached this quote on each flag as a reminder stay to true to yourself and to always have heart in the dreams you imagine:  “Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure. You’ve got to find the treasure so that everything you have learned along the way can make sense“.

Below is an image of each prayer flag (larger images of each flag can be seen by clicking on the picture) contributed by members of the group: Margaret, Mary, Kristie, Frances, and Laura (thank you!).

Group Prayer Flags Together!

It is great to have them all together!  I’m still thinking about a special place to hang my string of these wonderful intentions…


One Response to “Prayer Flag Exchanging!!”

  1. Thanks Gretchen, this is a wonderful idea, I have some Tibetan prayer flags but I never thought of making my own, you’ve planted a seed…
    Big love
    Janette 🙂

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