On Practicing and Creating Gratitude

December 14, 2011

As I review my 2011, this summer’s workshop I attended with Trauma Stewardship author and trauma specialist  Laura van Dernoot Lipsky had a major impact in strengthening my practice about the role of gratitude in my personal life and professional practice.   For me, part of this awareness included Lipsky encouraging us to create scheduled time each day to stop and take time out for grateful reflection.

As previously written about here on Creativity in Motion in the above link, this suggestion first inspired me to try Lipsky’s recommendation of setting a series of “gratitude alarms” on my iPhone, which then I developed into creating gratitude wordles from these reflections. I recently upgraded my iPhone and now have Siri also assisting me with my gratitude reminders and finding quotes!

One of my many intentions with these activities was to hopefully incorporate this content into my art-making somehow. I decided to combine my interest in gratitude scrolls and my wordle making into a piece of art that would continue to remind me of the importance of creating and practicing gratitude.

This gratitude scroll was created with a piece of gessoed canvas, then painted with watercolor, distressed with ink, and then collaged with some of my favorite words, reflections, and a quote from my gratitude reminders and wordle making throughout the last 5 months.    To allow the scroll’s contents and good vibes to be available and a visible affirmation, I intend on displaying this as an open wall hanging in my creative work space for continued inspiration.

The quote at the top and “wordle words” underneath are a humble reminder for me with a powerful message of simplicity, enoughness, and that I have the choice to recognize and nurture the uncomplicated abundance that comes into my life, relationships, work, and daily practice.

Gratitude unlocks the abundance of life and turns what we have into more than enough. Gratitude makes sense of our past, delivering tranquility for today and creates a vision for tomorrow.


3 Responses to “On Practicing and Creating Gratitude”

  1. Hi Gretchen, I absolutely LOVE this, it’s beautiful and I’m so happy that you will have it hanging in your creative space to continually inspire you.
    You are an inspiration to me, thanks
    Big love
    Janette 🙂

  2. Janet Says:

    I love your scroll, Gretchen. I have attempted two scrolls so far but abandoned them for various tecnical reasons. I think I was over complicating things. Haha! Now thats a good reflection! Perhaps I will try again but be mindful of lovely words Simplicity and Enoughness.
    Janet 🙂

  3. Theresa Zip Says:

    This is beautiful, Gretchen- very nourishing to read. Thank you!

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