Revolution Visual Journaling: Fiona Fitzpatrick

January 6, 2012

Since the launch of my ready to revolution eBook, I’ve been receiving some images and word on art journaling pages from individuals working on their 2012 Revolution!  This has been so very cool to receive and learn more about!

In this post I wanted to highlight Art Therapist Fiona Fitzpatrick who recently sent me some of her revolution art after checking out ready for revolution.  Fiona has been involved with art journaling for a few years now, which also includes teaching Visual Journaling: Where Images and Words Meet at Sydney University’s Centre for Continuing Education in Australia to introduce and explore its benefits. During our e-mail exchanges, Fiona expressed that she enjoys the process of combining images with writing in the format of a book and keeps various journals and altered books for different areas of her life, both personal and work related.  Great self-care and a nice way to maintain your personal creative practice with art-making!

Fiona chose to simplify her revolution making process and decided on three intentions to focus on for 2012:

Fiona's Intentions Book Cover

Fiona's Stillness Spread

Fiona's Trust Spread

Fiona's Yes Spread

Thanks to Fiona for her willingness to share her art journaling with the Creativity in Motion community!  I definitely agree with Fiona’s thoughts about this kind of art-making and sharing being a nice balance for the art therapist’s creative self-expression and to just have fun!

Recent resources I also wanted to share on the topic of art journaling and its benefits:


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  1. […] of Creativity 2 gluebook. Fiona suggests that this image technique can also be great to use with visual journaling.  Many thanks to Fiona for the inspiring idea of altering photos this way , introducing the 6 […]

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