My Happy Artist’s Life: Art Journaling [VIDEO]

February 20, 2012

This past week-end I finished Lesson 6 of Lani Gerity‘s 6 Easy Lessons for a Happy Artist’s Life, one of the workshops being offered as part of 6 Degrees of Creativity.   Lesson 6 was dedicated to the theme “Be Here Now” and the importance of being in the present moment as a way to cultivate happiness.

One of Lani’s prompts encouraged us to focus on the sensory aspect of what we were creating for this image, as a way to stay connected to the present moment.  I did this through the materials I chose to use for this lesson’s spread: mulberry paper, grunge paper, thread, as well as  distressed and stamp pad ink.

I find great joy in how some of these materials feel.  I am drawn to the texture of mulberry and grunge paper especially. I also love, love to handsew paper, which I did throughout my journal for many of the lessons.  I find the repeated action of whip stiching the edges of my journal pages (or ATCs or sock monkeys!)  very relaxing, calming and an enjoyable process that helps keep me centered in the  here and now.

I also loove the smell of Tim Holtz’s grunge paper– I don’t know what it is…. the smell to me is sorta like a rubber like scent… This spread for lesson 6  includes a full sheet of grunge paper which makes my art journal smell great and a sensory reminder that brings my brain into “be here now” focus.  I also really enjoy the almond like scent of Staz-On’s black ink pad, which I often use to distress the edges of my pages.

I tried to keep the page for this lesson simple with not too many words or images.  Creating more open space for this image was refreshing– it reminds me of the sky with a very freeing feeling and a reminder to just be.  I included an artist trading card  as a visual and sensory reminder for myself to also just breathe.  I try to take moments throughout the day to practice this, which usually helps bring me to the here and now.

If you’ve been following Creativity in Motion, you are probably familiar with my posting of pages from my art journal since October 2011 dedicated to this inspiring workshop.  In celebration (and to express my gratitude) I put together a short video of all my art journal pages from all the lessons:


6 Responses to “My Happy Artist’s Life: Art Journaling [VIDEO]”

  1. Lani Says:

    Of course I love your video, Gretchen, which I may have mentioned else where (a few places, lol), but I do have a question for you. I’ve never seen the grudge paper but I do love his grunge board which smells like leather (to me), so my question is does the paper smell the same as the board?
    Funny question, right?

  2. Thank you, thank you for all the inspiration and this workshop Lani…. 🙂 Yes, grunge paper smells just like grunge board…. lol– I see the grunge board around a lot more vs the paper (I found the paper at Michael’s)– I like the grunge paper because I can handsew through it…. We could start a whole new thread on “What does grunge board/paper smell like to you”? hahaha….. The smell also reminds me of when you open up a new box of shoes…. leather? rubber soles? hmmmm….. 🙂

  3. Lani Says:

    Or we could have a thread on comforting scents and how to incorporate them into our art journals.
    Now I must look for grunge paper! 🙂

  4. Gretchen your pages are beautiful, so full of hope and positivity, absolutely lovely.
    Big love

  5. Fiona Says:

    Hi Gretchen, An inspiring video as usual! You always pick such great background music that seems to fit so well with the video content. Good stuff!

  6. Thanks much AJ and Fiona! And yes Lani– I think a thread on comforting scents in art journaling sounds nice– I remember there was a 2011 21 SECRETS workshop on this: The Fragrant Journal by Lisa Dieken….

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