Good times, Good vibes, Good connections @ 6 Degrees of Creativity

March 1, 2012

It’s hard to believe it is already March 1: the last day of this round of 6 Degrees of Creativity workshops.  It’s been a great last few months enjoying this experience: from sock monkey making, my journey through a happy artist’s life, experimenting with beeswax collage, expressing gratitude through scroll making, learning more about contemporary artists who transform ordinary objects into powerful artistic social statements, and spreading artist trading card love and connection…

There were so many good things made, created, developed, exchanged, learned, connected, and inspired…. As the community’s organizer, one of the instructors, and a participant, this was truly an experience that holds a special place in my heart on many levels…

It was great to receive the lovely messages, e-mails, & chats today from many 6 Degrees of Creativity community members: Good times, good vibes, good connections… with more to come…

I complied this short video earlier in the week of some of the 400+ photos and art posted since October, to celebrate all creative goodness experienced and shared… Seems appropriate to share tonight too:

P.S. More of my reflections and gratitude from this round of 6 Degrees of Creativity can also be read over on the Art Therapy Alliance’s blog.

You can also read more about the announcement of 6 Degrees of Creativity 2 this summer with another line up of instructors and new workshops to be announced soon!


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