14 Secrets Permission Artist Trading Cards Arrive!

June 28, 2012

I just received my Permission Artist Trading Cards from the 14 Secrets Permissions ATC swap organized by Lani Gerity.  I couldn’t wait to open up this creative delivery and behold the permissions that have been generously granted to me!

Contributors from the 14 Secrets for a Happy Artist’s Life Group who signed up for the swap were prompted to create artist trading cards that offered permission to do and be whatever we wanted to send out into the universe and for other Permission ATC Exchangers to receive.

 I thought this was an inspiring and creative way to turn the  moments, messages, or perceptions we face from ourselves, others, our surroundings or situations that are sometimes weighed down with not being “allowed”, “authorized”, or “having permission” into artful messages that are positive, validating & affirming.

I am grateful for all the ATCs and permission messages I received in my batch- Thanks to Susan, Lani, Petrea, Theresa, and Susanna for the ATCs you each created below:

I love that Theresa used the language “Permission Granted” in her artist trading cards!  Such calming colors and texture too!

Petrea‘s artist trading card was a nice, mindful allowance!

Susanna’s artist trading cards authorized  creative clearance  for travel, escape, to leave & visit!

I was really drawn to Lani’s Permission ATC to “create umbrellas for the rain”

Very important permission reminder by Susan!

You can check out and print out all the inspiring artist trading cards created for this Permisssions Swap with this awesome eZine download from Lani.  Lani suggests that you can use the eZine to have your own permissions, use as art prompts, or in your art journaling!   Great idea and resource!  Permission for everyone to enjoy!


4 Responses to “14 Secrets Permission Artist Trading Cards Arrive!”

  1. Hannah Says:

    Hey Gretchen–this sounds like a fabulous trade in which the permissions you received will have a transformational effect. They are lovely.

  2. Lani Says:

    Thanks so much for participating in the swap Gretchen, and for writing it up so beautifully!

  3. HI.What a great swap idea! Is this a swap that happens all the time or was it just a one of a kind?

  4. Hi Heather! I think this was the first time for this particular themed swap at 14 Secrets? If you want to follow or be alerted to new swaps & art-making from the 14 Secrets Group check out http://14secretsforahappyartistslife.blogspot.com Great to hear your interest! 🙂

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