A Collection of Creative Goodness: Gluebook Page Exchange Fun

November 10, 2012

This afternoon I finished exchanging all the pages that came in for the 6 Degrees of Creativity 2 Gluebook Page Exchange.  What a wonderful collection of creative goodness!  Thank you to Jolie, Susanna, Lizzie, Cathy, Bailey, Suzanne, Julie, Lynette, and Nancy for contributing to this project!

Each participant created a series of 5 x 7 pages on cardstock and used a varietyof gluebook material to fill each page: magazine photo images, scrapbooking paper, old book pages, sheet music, as well as inspiration received in our Paper Stash Swap held a couple of months ago.  What a great use of these creative goodies that we received!

Stack o’ Gluebook Pages

Swapped pages were made into books that participants will receive back in their mailbox soon.  I used metal o-rings to assemble the pages together and created covers for each book as my page contribution.   My gluebook pages included a variety of collage paper stuff from in my creative workspace and  paper stash fun from our swap.  It was really neat to re-purpose these treasures and share them again in this form with the group.

 This exchange was a great reason to make art together!  It was also a fun opportunity to create something meaningful and full of good vibes for group members, as well as receive this same act and positive messages in return.


3 Responses to “A Collection of Creative Goodness: Gluebook Page Exchange Fun”

  1. gonerustic Says:

    Love these – what a great idea! =D

  2. Hannah Says:

    What a feast of images and food for the soul…

  3. Jolie B Says:

    what a treasure I have received in the mail! beautiful collection, thanks to all those participating

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