Twentytwelve A-Z Wordle O’ Thankfulness

November 21, 2012

Twentytwelve’s A-Z Wordle o’ Thankfulness

Here’s an A to Z gratitude list that I’ve made into this year’s Thanksgiving Eve’s wordle o’ thankfulness! Many thanks to everyone who contributed to this list in my twentytwelve life:

A- Art Therapy:  The community, my work, and being able to help & serve others with this profession.

B- Breaks: For art-making, resting, & getting grounded.

C- Creative Goodness: To make art for good, foster community & meaningful connection.

D- Distressed Ink: For my art journaling pages, smashbooking, artist trading cards, and more!

E- Energy: Finding & re-discovering positive energy full of good vibes and intention.

F- Friendship & Family: love, care, and support.

G- Gluebooks: And how they fill up with so much joy, adventure, and creativity!

H- Health: What helps me stay strong and appreciate what really matters in life.

I- Inspiration & Ideas: My favorite blogs, colleagues, friends, artists, organizations, and projects I admire for collective inspiration, idea sharing, and passion that fosters my practice as an art journaler, artist, art therapist, and individual seeking to contribute good and passion into this world.

J- Joy: Moments of simple happiness and good things.

K- Kindness: The receiving and giving of loving kindness.

L- Love & Light: For showing me the way.

M- Music:  Especially on Spotify, Pandora, YouTube.

N- Niceness: Comforting smiles, kind words, and welcoming spirit.

O- October: Good times.

P- Paper:  For art-making, for paper swapping, for making peace.

Q- Quiet Time: Breathing and relaxation moments during my group work with youth.

R- Random Acts of Creative Kindness: Mail art fun & unexpected notes to give and receive.

S- Strength: To be well, be true, be brave.

T- Trust: The process of letting go.

U- Unconditional Love: To be, offer, share, and grow.

V- Vision: Hindsight, foresight, insight.

W- Wings: For flying, adventure, and soaring.

X– (e)Xchanges: Paper stash swapping, sock monkey exchanging, permission card swapping, & gluebook page sharing.

Y- Yoda’s Wisdom: Always good.

Z-  zzzzz’s:  8 hours of peaceful sleep and rest.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!  Thank you for your interest and support throughout the year of Creativity in Motion!

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