Twentythirteen Revo’lution Cards of Intention

December 14, 2012

Throughout this month I have continued working on my 2013 revo’lution.  This has become an annual practice for me called ready for revo’lution where I identify intentions that I want to manifest and cultivate throughout the upcoming new year and then create an image that represents it that I can keep handy as a visual reminder.

During the previous four years I have created an altered book using a children’s board book and mixed media to feature 8 intentions.  For this 5th year, I was really drawn to simplifying my practice and only identifying 6 intentions in the size of artist trading cards.  I think this was inspired by and and has become an extension of the powerful experience I had this year with creating my Blessing Cards for Hannah Klaus Hunter‘s 6 Degrees of Creativity 2 e-workshop Still Place in a Changing World: Mindful Studio Practice.

2013 Revolution Intention Cards

My 2013 core revo’lution Intention Cards

This year’s revo’lution includes the core intentions Light, Stillness, Trust, Service, Stillness, and Honor.

I’ve also been studying up on Dr. Wayne Dyer’s perspective on intention as “not as something you do—but as an energy you’re a part of.”  The 6 intentions I have named above are energies I want to be connected to, help create, and be mindfully aware of in this new approaching year.

You can learn more about Dr. Dyer’s work and research about the Power of Intention in this lecture:

Soooo….I wonder what would manifest if we developed an intentional revo’lution practice every day in 2013 through art-making? What would your 2013 revo’lution look like?


5 Responses to “Twentythirteen Revo’lution Cards of Intention”

  1. Hannah Says:

    Wow, these are gorgeous cards–that reflect the beauty of your intentions. You’ve inspired me to come up with my own 2013 set of intentions. Gracias!

  2. […] of these tiny pieces of art are inspired by my 2013 revo’lution and these intentions: trust, service, honor, simplicity, light, and stillness and kept together on […]

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  4. […] Happy Glue It Tuesday! I started this mini collage, originally for gluing down as part of my smashbook… but after sitting with the image I’m going to transform it into an artist trading card and add the intention bloom to my 2013 revo’lution: […]

  5. You are an inspiration to me and many others!
    With warmest Aloha,
    ps. I reblogged one of your recent posts on Monday.

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