twentytwelve revo’lution book reflection

December 27, 2012

In these last few days of 2012, I’ve been thinking more about this past year’s ready for revo’lution book and the intentions I identified: Authenticity, Creativity, Attention, Sincerity, Re-Connection, Kindness, Perspective, and Joy. I re-read my posts archived for this year’s revo’lution and also spent some reflection with the art. Each intention still resonates with the strong connection and positive energy the pages inspired during their creation last December, manifested in my 2012 life, and the important gifts they each continue to provide.

2012 revo'lution pages

I hold such amazing appreciation for the places, people, moments, choices, and opportunities that nurtured these eight intentions throughout this year.

My process has come full circle:

Preparation:  [prep·a·ra·tion]
The action of making ready or being made ready for use.

Intention: [in·ten·tion]
A course of action that one intends to follow. An aim that guides action; an objective, purpose.

Creation: [cre·a·tion]
The action or process of bringing something into existence.

Transformation: [trans·for·ma·tion]
A marked or thorough change in form.

These intentions and the lighted path they have led me to has also created an important foundation of understanding for my next revo’lution dedicated to Stillness, Honor, Trust, Light, Simplicity, and Service in 2013.


2 Responses to “twentytwelve revo’lution book reflection”

  1. theresazip Says:

    I can feel the power of intention through this reflection. It’s very inspiring! Thank you Gretchen.

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