Survivor’s Hand: Finding Safety through Art: #ICANWECAN

January 9, 2013

A Window Between Worlds has launched a new project to help bring awareness to end abuse through art: I CAN WE CAN.

From the AWBW website:

A Window Between Worlds developed the I CAN WE CAN project where everyone can lend their hand, literally, to help end abuse. Create art on your hands as a symbol of solidarity, a commitment that you will do what you can to help end domestic violence and sexual assault.”


Here’s my painted hand, which I titled Survivor’s Hand: Finding Safety through Art: Healing, Healthy, Safety, & Hope. As an art therapist working with children and women survivors of domestic violence, my hand represents how art provides a healthy and safe way to empower and create a voice for expression and awareness about abuse.  Purple is the awareness color designated for domestic violence and the words I added to my hand come from a word collage sheet I often use in my art therapy sessions for different interventions.

Learn how you can participate in this interactive project and upload your own hand here.  There’s a I CAN WE CAN Toolkit, Virtual Community Gallery, and a How to with prompts, suggestions, and tips for creating your own hand (or with others) and how to promote the project.  There’s lots of fun ways to share and take action for this important cause!

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