Through a Grateful Winter Lens: A Sense of Sacredness Among the Ordinary

January 26, 2013

I have tried to continue my practice of “following the light” through using my iPhone to take pictures of light and then sharing them on my Instagram feed.  Last fall I shared my first collection in this series that documented light photos taken since June 2012 as a mindful reflection for gratitude, good energy, hope, inspiration, love, and connectedness.

Through a Grateful Lens: Winter

Wintertime has inspired new reflections and inspirations for me to pause and be thankful for; during this season of shorter days, slowing down, and hibernation.  I have found that my practice of photographing the light during this time of year has helped me pay attention to the beauty and stillness of winter and be much more appreciative of this present moment.  I’m grateful for times of sunlight coming through the studio windows at work, the shining beam of light through the cloudy and cold sky when I’m out and about, or a January day full of blue skies and pure radiance.

Through a Grateful Lens: Winter

For me, this practice of photographing the light has fostered a process of discovering a sense of quiet beauty and simple sacredness among the ordinary days of winter that I have not experienced (aka noticed) before.

This reflection also reminded me to re-visit local author, photographer, and poet Don Iannone‘s book Winter Spirit: Using Winter’s Power and Beauty to Inspire and Heal. Don has always had this perspective! I am a big fan of Don’s poetry and photographs (in general and in any season!), but I especially appreciate his warm spirit and insight about winter as a source of wonder, love, and inspiration. It seems like a very fitting opportunity for me to re-look at the book’s prompts, themes, and quotes- Thank you Don!

I hope my new journey inspired by winter continues to grow….


4 Responses to “Through a Grateful Winter Lens: A Sense of Sacredness Among the Ordinary”

  1. Lani Says:

    As always, extremely beautiful and extremely inspiring! Thank you Gretchen!

  2. Reblogged this on sexinthekitchensink and commented:
    I love this, wonderful photos, brilliant idea!

  3. Thank you Lani! And thanks for the reblog Emily!

  4. Beth Rees Says:

    Reblogged this on Beth Rees and commented:
    Beautiful…both in the images and the expression of the importance of quiet reflection and being in the moment.

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