31 Days o’ Revolution Art Bits

January 31, 2013
31 Days

31 Days

Today marks completing my first month of creating revo’lution art bits for my 365 project. Yay!

Day 1

Day 1

Each of these tiny pieces of art are inspired by my 2013 revo’lution and these intentions: trust, service, honor, simplicity, light, and stillness and kept together on a metal book ring.  I’ve already upgraded to a larger ring size, which is an exciting, tangible result to witness as I work on this project.  Neat.


Days 2 – 5

The size of these little pieces of paper (about 1 x 2.5 inches) has made this daily practice quite manageable to follow through with and for me, it also helps that the collection stays together on its ring and can easily travel with me on the go. I’ve been putting this lil’ book in my bag every day. When an opportunity presents itself, I take 20-30 minutes (more or less) to work on an art bit, photograph it, and share it online.  This might be during a break at work, in my creative space at home before I start for the day, or when I get home.

Day 6

Day 6

Often I use materials that are around me in my environment. I’ve also gotten in the habit (inspired by my gluebooking adventures!) of collecting tiny pieces of collage stuff: paper, words, stickers, thread, etc. in a quart size plastic bag (along with a gluestick and scissors) to use.  I’ve also included goodies my paper stashes, meaningful keepsakes, or images.  This incorporation provides strengthened connection to people, places, good energy, and intention.


Days 7- 12

On the back of each art bit I’ve been numbering/dating them and writing the core intention it speaks to, as well as any quotes, phrases, or words that helped inspire what was created and that moment in time.


Day 13

Some reading inspiration I’ve been following or discovered that helps encourage & support not only my 2013 revo’lution, but my new 365 adventure has included (but not limited to):

Week 3

Days 14-19

  • The Concept of Deliberate Practice: On the site Artist Daily, this article describes Deliberate Practice as “lots of time spent alone working on whatever it is that you’re passionate about” in an effort to become better at something through intense concentration.
  • On Self Compassion and Mindfulness: These considerations from Lani Gerity offer thoughtful reflections on the challenges of new practices and the importance in being patient and kind to ourselves when taking them on.
  • Madly in Love with Me: Also inspired by posts on Lani’s blog, Christine Arylo’s book has many prompts, stories, and reflections related to several of my revo’lution concepts and have been inspiring lots of revo’lution bit making… especially around honor and trust.
  • Making a Behavior Into a Habit: This article goes into some of the science and concepts behind behaviors becoming habits after only 3 weeks of daily practice.  As you may know, my 365 undertaking had a wonderful warm-up during Hannah Klaus Hunter’s 21 Days of Mindful Studio Practice.
Day 20

Day 20

Some of my favorite art bits have surfaced in the last two weeks:

Week 4

Days 21-26

During these first 31 days of 2013, many of my lil’ art bits have focused on stillness….which feels right for this moment in time.

Day 27

Intentions connected to trust and honor surface in many of this month’s art bits too.

Days 28-31

Days 28-31

Tomorrow begins month 2, day 32… I am enjoying this process and new shift for my revo’lution practice. I look forward to sharing my progress next month…


5 Responses to “31 Days o’ Revolution Art Bits”

  1. bethrommel Says:

    so incredibly lovely!

  2. I love this idea! Might give it a go too – big thanks for the inspiratin! 😀

  3. Seth Says:

    What a great concept for a project. And it makes for wonderful art too.

  4. Thank you all for the kind feedback and encouragement!

  5. thalia Says:

    What a great idea – and one that is workable for most everyone. Thanks for sharing.

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