Creative Pay It Forward’s Paper Stash Surprise

February 3, 2013


I responded to Lani‘s Creative Pay It Forward request last month and as part of this fun mail art activity, I just received an inspiring paper stash surprise from her with these instructions on the package:

1. Spill Contents

2. Play with Glue and Scissors

3. Have Fun!

I did very well at accomplishing directive #1 which also already started to put accomplishing directive #3 in motion.  I sat with much wonder and excitement as I started to look through the spilled contents.  Some of what was included:  images of natural and neon light, calm landscape scenery, earthy & sacred objects,  modern & retro-esque print sheets, and… lots of  butterflies…which made me smile inside and out (lots!) when thinking about the future idea of using them in my collage work.

Little Butterfly

The contents of this Creative Pay It Forward delivery are all wonderful ingredients for more 2013 revo’lution making!  Many, many thanks Lani… So many possibilities here!

On to directive #2 and more of #3:  Time to play with scissors and glue!  I also need to start working on my second Create It Forward goodie to send out this month to someone on my list.


5 Responses to “Creative Pay It Forward’s Paper Stash Surprise”

  1. Lani Says:

    Hooray for having fun with ART!

  2. My treasure-trove of Art Seeds from Lani arrived a day or two ago as well, Gretchen — and my reaction mirrored yours: replaying this very minute the rather giddy smile on my mug as I spilled and explored the goodies!! What a cool thing, this Pay/Play it Forward plan, and I am still producing my first few items to ship out to those on my list … that is much fun, too.

  3. Wow so great to see creative art seeds spreading !!!
    This plan got to fun, still waiting for people to join my shout out ….and get producing too:)

  4. Lizzie, if you wish, it might help to re:issue your invitation, as fb posts slip by so fast.

  5. Thanks Kit, I will do that again:)
    I linked both blog and fb…but true they go so fast…
    Great to know you are in this great project!!!

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