Alcohol Inking Love

February 10, 2013

I’ve been using a lot of my alcohol ink stash lately for various projects, which inspired me to do a summary here of my most favorite ways to use this fun and easy material.

Alcohol lnk Stash

My first alcohol inking love is for making altered dominoes.  In my own creative practice I find the blending and mixing of colors on the domino’s smooth surface a relaxing and soothing process.  I often like to also add printed words or magazine photo collage to embellish the domino’s intention.  This past week, I just mailed out an altered art domino I was working on for Emery who is on my 2013 Creative Pay It Forward list.  In my art therapy work with women survivors of domestic violence and trauma, making altered dominoes can be an empowering way to create meaningful symbols of affirmation & strength for themselves or to give to one another.

Altered Domino: Create It Forward

Create It Forward Altered Domino for Emery

If you’re interested in learning how to get started with your own altered domino making with alcohol inks, download this how-to:

Altered Dominoes with Alcohol Inks How to

Making Altered Dominoes with Alcohol Inks

Other things I’ve discovered that feeds my alcohol ink addiction includes using it for altering glossy photographs, as well as to make artist trading cards that are coated with a glossy surface.  And just recently, I was super excited to experiment with my inks on plastic slide mount covers when working on a small accordion book.

Alcohol Inking Examples

Oh…Let me ink the many ways…

What are some of your favorite ways to use alcohol inks?


4 Responses to “Alcohol Inking Love”

  1. Seth Says:

    Very creative projects. Love how they look.

  2. Hannah Says:

    Gretchen–I love the idea of using the dominoes as symbols and as gifts in your practice. The ones you’ve shown are us are little gems.

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