Surrounded by Creative Goodness

February 23, 2013

I’ve spent the last week exchanging and just yesterday started to mail out artist trading cards for the Pocket Change swap-Fun!

Pocket Change Mail

Some of the Pocket Change ATCs received on my end for exchanging

 Read more about my reflections and a collection of some of the blogging inspired by this project via 6 Degrees of Creativity’s blog.

Pocket Change ATCs

Pocket Change ATCs received by Kristin, Janie, Eliza, & Lisa

It was a sincere pleasure and an honor to be surrounded by, hold in my hands, and pass on these mini works of art infused with creative goodness, hopefulness, and positive energy created by a third of the Pocket Changers participating. Gratitude!


Surrounded by creative goodness

It’s exciting that the next step of receiving starts to unfold in this process, as exchanged ATCs go out from not only here in Ohio, but another third in Georgia with Beth and in California with Hannah.  Thank you to everyone who contributed! I’m also curious and super eager to learn more about Pocket Change reflections and stories.  They will be shared through an eZine publication along with the ATCs received for the project so we can share and spread the good vibes and inspiration with everyone!  Yes!!


11 Responses to “Surrounded by Creative Goodness”

  1. It gives me the most pleasant shivers to see our offerings assembled in your care, Gretchen, Beth and Hannah — all that creative energy bubbling through the exchange like a fresh-flowing river through a landscape! I felt envy, too, till (to continue the image …) it hit me how that combined energy will now come to each and all of us participants. Such sweet and savoury magic, eh? Thanks again for this Pocket Change chance to share!

  2. Jolie B Says:

    What a beautiful space to be!

  3. Jolie B Says:

    Reblogged this on A Space To Create and commented:
    A beautiful space of creative goodness

  4. susannasays Says:

    Oh my goodness…sweet and savoury magic is my favourite kind!

  5. Reblogged this on sexinthekitchensink and commented:
    I got to take part in this-it was purely awesome. It is going to get even better when i get to see which ATC’s I receive personally from the mix of the many different artists involved!

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    Creative Goodness and Magic

  7. This is so special and magical…

  8. Sue Says:

    I can’t wait! Thank you! I love to see all the different techniques!

  9. Many congrats to you ladies on the success of your ideas! Fantastic! I’m eager to make some of my own ATCs 🙂

  10. […] have been shipped from Decatur, Georgia to all corners of the United States, Australia and Canada. Gretchen and Hannah will be sending their thirds to the destinations printed on their […]

  11. Hannah Says:

    Hey Gretchen–way to go! I loved seeing how you arranged the cards on your carpet and floor–helped me to figure out how to sort what I received. And such gorgeous cards! The envelopes all stacked together promise much joy…

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