From My Smashbook: April Inspiration

April 21, 2013

Thanks to Artsyville’s Glue It Tuesday and the revival of a local Saturday art-making get together I enjoy attending, my smashbook has been filling up with lots of the things I love to stick, collage, and glue down during the month of April:

April Smashbooking: Gretchen Miller | Creativity in Motion

Here I’ve used magazine photo images sent by Lani in 2013’s Creative Pay It Forward, pages from a vintage Reader’s Digest book I discovered, dictionary pages, and other collage bits & pieces I’ve been collecting.  Looking for to this week’s Glue It Tuesday’s fun!


5 Responses to “From My Smashbook: April Inspiration”

  1. theresazip Says:

    Gretchen, I appreciate your gentle little ‘sharings’ so much- I open them when I need to pause and take a breath. Thank you!

  2. Janis Cox Says:

    I there,
    I am following you from Glue it Tuesday. Just found this site and since I do use glue – occasionally for children’s crafts I put in Tissue Paper Tadeo.
    Great to meet a fellow craftsperson.

  3. dawnsrays Says:

    It IS a lot of fun. These pages are great, I like the depth of the first two a lot.

  4. Hannah Says:

    I like the idea of your Saturday art group–what a lovely way to begin the weekend.

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