120 days of 365 revo’lution bits

May 1, 2013

365 revo’lution is still going strong— this project focused on my 2013 revo’lution intentions just passed the 4 month mark!  Woo hoo!

365 revo'lution: April

When reflecting on my daily practice for this month’s revo’lution bits, I continue to be grateful for the moments I am able to slow down to work on each piece and the perspective & awareness they teach me about the intentions simplicity, honor, stillness, light, service, and trust.  Each are precious gifts.  Simple, but 120 powerful lil’ memos to myself in this visual form.

revo'lution 365: Day 100

Reaching 100 revo’lution bits during the month of April and my commitment to this practice was awesome!

Days 91-96: 365 revo'lutionDays 97-102: 365 revo'lution

Days 103-108: 365 revo'lution

Days 109-114: 365 revo'lution

Days 115-120: 365 revo'lution

Lots of thanks for the encouragement and support received for this effort- I believe sharing these daily intentions is an important part of the manifestation process…for what we all want to invite, have more of, and give in our life, daily practice, relationships, and well-being…

Previous months and 365 activity can be viewed here:



2 Responses to “120 days of 365 revo’lution bits”

  1. gypsy999 Says:

    Gretchen, What a magical accomplishment, so happy for you for creating with such intention. I’m still going strong on my 365 project and the more I create, the more I want to create. Well done!

  2. Many Congratulations, Gretchen! What an inspiration you’ve been to me! Thank you for always sharing 😀

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